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SharpEye Download Page

Optical Music Recognition (OMR) software for RISC OS

  • This software is for the RISC OS operating system!
    If you are interested in a version of SharpEye for Windows PCs, please visit
  • Before using SharpEye Music Reader, you must agree to its licence conditions.
    You can also read these after installation (they're provided in the !Help file).
  • Installation

    You will need SparkFS or a similar utility in order to extract the files. Assuming you are using SparkFS, installation is very simple. Just drag the !SharpEye application from the archive to the desired location on your hard disc.


    SharpEye demo This is a fully-working 32-bit-compatible version of SharpEye with its save functions limited; you are only permitted to save the first system of the music
    (File:, 560K)
    SharpEye manual A copy of SharpEye's manual in HTML format, suitable for viewing in any Web browser
    (File:, 167K)
    Test image A scanned image of some music which you can convert with SharpEye
    (File:, 16K)
     SharpEye 1.27 upgrade  Upgrade your existing copy of SharpEye to version 1.27, which is 32-bit compatible (you must already have bought SharpEye in order to make use of this)
    (File:, 560K)

    System modules

    In order to run SharpEye on a 26-bit system (RISC OS 3 or RISC OS 4), certain updated System modules are needed. If these are not already installed on your machine, please download them from their page on Castle's Iyonix Web site. Users of RISC OS 5 computers do not need to download these modules are they are built into the operating system.

    Upgrade instructions

    (These directions assume you are using SparkFS.)
    1. Make sure that the Newer option for copying files is turned on. To do this, click Menu on any directory display, go to the Options submenu, and ensure there is a tick against the Newer item.
    2. Drag the version of SharpEye you have just downloaded from the archive's directory display and drop it on top of your existing copy of SharpEye. This will update your copy.

    If you don't have SparkFS, or you have any difficulty with the above, it may help to know that the upgrade version is a complete copy of SharpEye apart from the registration file, !SharpEye.User.config; you can therefore take the registration file from your existing copy and store it within the new version.

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